Secret Service Agents busted a house full of counterfeit money and drugs in Henry County, Kentucky.

Investigators said they found fake money and meth inside the home, and now a sign on the door tells people to leave.

"No one is welcome. Leave now! Under police watch!" reads a handwritten note that's posted outside of a home on La Grange Road in Henry County, one day after Secret Service agents helped round up four people with fake cash and drugs.

Joseph Shain, Candis Holcombe, Joseph Callis and James Owens face various charges.

"I know there were a lot of shocked faces when they saw the Secret Service, but they were a big part of the investigation," said Maj. Keith Perry with the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Inside the house, investigators said they found meth, a printer, counterfeit money templates and hundreds of high-quality counterfeit bills.

"They could have fooled a lot of people," Perry said.

Investigators believe the bills likely tricked a lot of local businesses, and authorities are still receiving phone calls about suspected fake bills.

"In a lot of cases, the businesses will get the counterfeit money, but it doesn't lead anywhere," Perry said. "This one did."

In part, that's thanks to a watchful employee at the Eminence McDonald's.

Workers there said they caught the suspects using fake $20s to buy food, and tipped off police, who received additional tips from the community.

"Gotta be pretty desperate," Robert Foree of Eminence said of the arrests.

He couldn't believe someone ran a fake cash operation in his hometown.

"People in these small towns got kids and need to teach them to get out and work," Foree said.

Disappointed, Foree said more people should try making an honest living.

"Unless you're gonna be lazy the rest of your life, all you've gotta do is stand at a gas station, anything, and get a job," he said.

All four suspects were transferred to the Oldham County Jail, where they're currently being held.

The Eminence Police Department, Henry County Sheriff's Office and Kentucky State Police were all involved with the investigation.

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