LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Another video that purports to show disturbing bullying at Crosby Middle School has emerged online.

The victim's lawyer says the girl's life was threatened before she was beat up at her school. 

Wednesday morning in a news conference, her parents announced they would be filing a lawsuit. They say their daughter was not only physically hurt, but emotionally damaged for life. 

"It's devastating as a parent that I can send her somewhere and she not be safe," said Charlotte Hudson, the victim's mother. "No one wants that for their child."

"Obviously Crosby is the worst," said attorney Ted Gordon. "It's marshal law there. We need a police presence there, because I guarantee you the next I get there is going to be a wrongful death case. There's no doubt in my mind." 

This new video surfaced just weeks after another was posted, showing a 12-year-old taking a beating from a bully. A lawsuit is being filed in that case as well.

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