Correction: A previous version of this story reported that Mayor Fischer was calling for year-round schools within JCPS.  Fischer later told WDRB that his comments were about helping some students with extended learning during the summer.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer says continuing education during the summer months is needed, as too many disadvantaged students are falling behind during the summer months.

Fischer's comments came during a Louisville Forum luncheon held at Vincenzo's on Wednesday.

Following his speech, Fischer told WDRB that "everybody knows that when kids have long periods of time during the summer, if they're not active, they have a summer learning loss and the school system has to spend another month or so to get them back up to speed."

"What we encourage everyone to do with their families is to keep their learning going all throughout the summer," he said.

When WDRB asked Mayor Fischer about whether JCPS should return to year-round schools, he responded, "No, no. What we've got to do as a society is what was designed for an agricultural-based society versus a rapidly changing global economy. So we've got to make sure what kind of changes we can do to be more competitive whether it’s healthcare, education, job training changes etc."

JCPS has operated year-round schools before, but shifted away from them over the past decade. 

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