LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Thousands of kids have 11 weeks of summer vacation n the horizon and often times nothing to do -- so a Louisville teacher is taking matters into her own hands.

She has basically launched a "temp agency" for the students -- but she's not putting them to work. She's helping parents get them "placed" into summer camp for free.

Teacher Andrea Diggs didn't always like the answer she was getting when she asked students at Atkinson Elementary about their plans for summer. 

"I know that summertime can be tough on some families," Diggs said.

So, the teacher-turned behavior coach launched Kids View Louisville. 

"We're partnering with over 20 summer camps across Kentucky," Diggs said. "We want to provide opportunities for children they might not have because of certain circumstances."

Diggs asked local businesses for help footing the bill. They sponsored 200 spots for students. Some camps run one day, some a week, some all summer long. 

Silver Lining Stable offers one of those summer camps. Kids can get to know one of the 60 horses located there.

"For kids to come and learn how to ride, learn how to groom, learn how to interact with the animals," said stable owner Nicole Reason.

One of the horses was just born Wednesday -- and may be the star attraction. 

"It's very exciting," Reason said. "It's this mare's first baby."

The foal was born just in time for our cameras to roll. 

"They will get to see her and hopefully pet her because she will be about a month old by the time camps starts," Reason said.

Other activities include theater, dance classes and athletics. 

Camps are aimed at students in central, southern and west Louisville -- but transportation is not provided. Families must apply and get a letter of recommendation from their student's teacher or principal. 

For Diggs, Kids View Louisville comes down to one thing: providing students a safe summer.

"They're my heartbeat," she said. "They keep us going."

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