SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Last weekend’s heavy rains made it nearly impossible for residents of a large Sellersburg subdivision to enter or leave their neighborhood.

The entrance to the Lakeside Estates subdivision often floods, and busy Highway 31 is often blocked by the water which rises from nearby ponds.

“There is no way for the water to go anywhere, because it just stands until the rain stops,” said Amanda Goodlin, who lives on Butler Road but drives through the subdivision.

Residents are upset, because the only way in and out of the neighborhood when it’s flooded is Butler Road, a small, one-lane private road that borders Lakeside Estate.

What makes it even more challenging for residents is there are very large potholes on Butler Road, so cars and even tow trucks are damaged.

Residents say they have no choice but to use the road when needed.

“Something needs to be done," Goodlin said. "It needs to be paved or there needs to be a better way out of Lakeside subdivision."

Chris Costin’s family owns the road and knows the potholes are large. While he admits it is private, he said he has no problem with people using it when they need to. 

He said at one point, the eight homeowners on the road all agreed to have it paved, but the plans were canceled a week before it was to be done. He said the city need to work hard for its residents.

“Me and my wife ... signed over rights to the road so they could do stuff to the road, and it never got finished," Costin said. "They’re just not getting things done.”

On Wednesday night, more than 100 residents met at the city town hall with the city council to voice frustrations over the flooding, something that has been a growing issue for subdivision residents for more than 13 years.

Possible remedies to the flooding situation included adding a gated service road from Highway 31 into the subdivision and also dredging a pond to make room for overflow.

Some residents are hesitant about wanting the bumpy road paved, saying even though it is private property, it could still increase the amount of traffic.

The Sellersburg Stormwater Coordinator would not comment about this when WDRB News tried to talk with him at Wednesday’s meeting.

Another meeting is scheduled for May 22.

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