This past weekend, Louisville once again hosted one of the world's premiere sports events, the Kentucky Derby. And I have to say that despite the unique challenges posed by the weather, I believe Churchill Downs put on one of the finest shows in its long history.

I've attended the Derby every year since 2002, and from my perspective, this was the smoothest presentation I've ever seen. The track really stepped up its performance, providing more and cleaner restrooms, more and shorter betting lines, an overall reduction in congestion, and emptying trash bins more frequently. In addition, its recent improvements to the Clubhouse all look like winners to me, and their plans for future expansion promise an even better experience to come.

It's great when any company listens to its customers, but it's even more meaningful when that company is the custodian of such a revered tradition as the Kentucky Derby. As far as I'm concerned, Churchill Downs should be considered one of the world's most legendary sports venues, among such other showplaces as Augusta National, Wimbledon, Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden.

So congratulations on a job very well done to all our friends at Churchill. The success you enjoy every first Saturday in May allows all of us to experience your charms all year round. And that’s one of the great perks of living here.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.      

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