LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The head of Louisville's Fraternal Order of Police has sent a letter to Metro Council denouncing Dr. Ricky Jones' appointment to the Police Accountability Commissions. 

FOP President Dave Mutchler is urging council members not to approve the appointment at Thursday night's meeting. Mutchler says he and his membership have never objected to any citizen appointed by the mayor until now. But Mutchler has been vocal about his objection to the University of Louisville chair of Pan-African Studies Department sitting on the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability.

Mutchler's letter says he applauds Jones' role as police critic, but he goes on to write that "Time and time again Dr. Jones has shown he is unable or unwilling to evaluate issues involving police officers in a fair, reasonable and objective matter." 

The F.O.P. president writes that he and Metro Councilwoman Julie Denton have been labeled racists for disagreeing with Dr. Jones. Mutchler says Jones "expects to freely utilize his right as an American to say and do as he pleases, yet personally attacks those who do the same." 

Mutchler writes of his concern that Dr. Jones won't be able to be objective and unbiased in reviewing police cases.  And in the letter, Mutchler says, "This issue is not about race. It is not about political party.  It is not about Dave Mutchler and Ricky Jones."  

He adds that, "It is about what is the right thing to do for Metro Government, for the citizens of Louisville Metro and for the voters that hold each of you accountable." 

Jones was recommended by Mayor Greg Fischer's office to help oversee investigations done by LMPD's Public integrity unit. Jones tells WDRB that he has support from the rank and file.

"You would be shocked at how many officers have contacted me, either by note or came up during Derby week, and said, 'We appreciate what you're doing. We support you,'" Jones said. 

The Police Accountability Commission typically oversees investigations conducted by the Louisville Metro Police Department’s public integrity unit, but it does not have any powers as far as criminal or disciplinary actions are concerned.

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