Summer Aurbach realized some things in her home needed to go when she did some spring cleaning. 

"I noticed there were pieces of furniture that I wasn't as interested in anymore," she said.

She wanted to ditch two big chests of drawers, but she had no way of getting them to the consignment shop.

"I just thought it was such a great idea that I downloaded the app in anticipation to see how it worked," Aurbach said.

The app is called Truxx. You download it to your smartphone, select a truck, a time and if you need help.

"I was looking for a way to make some extra cash," said Truxx driver Samuel Marra. "Craigslist is kind of skeptical. I'm not sure about some of those people there after I did a couple jobs."

That's when Truxx connected Auerbach with Marra. She chose a half-hour haul, and she definitely needed some muscle. Marra showed up to her door with his truck and a buddy to help. 

"Once they pick you as a driver, you agree you're going to take on that mission, send them a message and say we are on for this day and this time," Marra said.

Truxx works just like the ride sharing apps Uber and Lyft. There's is a security check on drivers.

"And afterward, payment is supposed to be directed into your account," Marra said. "It makes me happy, makes them happy. It makes everyone happy."

"They moved things quickly and professionally, and I'm excited to move these pieces out of my house and make a little more room," Aurbach said. 

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