LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A pedestrian interviewed by police says he was also a victim in the deadly high speed chase that killed LMPD Officer Nick Rodman.

The interview is included with hundreds of documents, photographs, body camera footage and interviews with other police officers as part of court documents.

“As far as once I hit my head on the top of the car, I couldn't tell you which direction I went from there,” the pedestrian told police.

He claims he was hit by the car Wathaniel Woods was driving before Woods crashed into Rodman, killing him.

The man says he was walking home from work and was unaware a police chase was happening.

“It happened so fast," he said. "As he come around the corner, he was on me. He never touched his brakes. He never let off the gas. His motor was rearing, and it happened so fast I didn't even see him in the car. I seen the hood ornament, and the next thing you know, I'm on the car."

The pedestrian says people came from outside a nearby bar to pull him out of the road so he wouldn't get hit by passing police cars.

Despite being hit at about 80 miles per hour, according to documents, the man says he never lost consciousness. He says he suffered a hip injury, a concussion and brain bleeding.

Woods has not yet been charged with hitting a pedestrian.

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