LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Disney has tapped Floyd Central High School for help on a musical, a show that will set the stage for schools across the country. 

The Highlanders will pilot produced the Broadway show, "Newsies."  

"It's a very exciting opportunity for our students to get to pilot a Disney musical," said Robbie Steiner, a Theater Arts teacher at Floyd Central. "We are collaborating with Disney and Music Theater International in order to help them for a general release for other high schools to be able to do it."

Disney became interested in this school after seeing students perform last year at a festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. Floyd Central Theater Arts students and staff will now work with a creative team at Disney making potential adjustments to the "Newsies" musical.

"Watching the production, it's going to be cool to see how we put on our twist on it," sophomore Stevie Griffin said. "I'm super excited."

The Floyd Central production will also test out girls playing some of the "newspaper boy" roles that are usually cast with boys in the Broadway production.

"It's a very heavy dance show," Steiner said. "Some of the most intense Broadway choreography out there. We'll be preparing them for that. They'll be doing a lot of yoga and strength training over the summer to get in good shape and nice and flexible."

"I think it's a stepping stone for us," Mitchell Lewis said. "It'll be a learning process, but overall just a big honor for us to be able to do this."

Auditions will start the first Saturday after school starts back up in July. Season tickets including the "Newsies" production go on sale Monday at the Floyd Central Theater Box Office.

School officials say this is the first Disney pilot production for the district. The other two were at New Albany High School.

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