NEW ALBANY, In. (WDRB) -- Major road construction begins Monday in downtown New Albany. Residents and businesses are ready for what could be a long bumpy process before it gets better.

All one-lane streets will be made into two-way starting Monday with Spring Street and Elm Street.

Construction initially began with paint striping two months ago.

Around that time is when Leah Alexander opened her new store – a frozen yogurt shop called Sweet Frog. Alexander tells WDRB she knew the construction was about to happen and hopes it benefits all the businesses downtown.

“Of us being on the corner we’re going to get hopefully twice as much traffic past our place because we are a walk-to destination, drive-by, people will see our store and that is great advertising for us,” Alexander said.

A growing resurgence to the area is one of the reasons New Albany’s Mayor says the two-way lanes are needed.  

“We have seen an influx of people who are interested in living, opening a business, and visiting our downtown,” Mayor Jeff Gahan said in a statement. “The city wants to do everything it can to support that progress.”

Not only will it hopefully slow down speeding issues the area sees, but also make it safer for those on the sidewalk.

Gary Humphrey is a former Police Officer who now owns River City Winery in New Albany. He knows the streets well and says one-way streets can make things slower for emergency responders.

“There have been times when you go on a non-emergency run that you got to go around the block just to get there,” said Humphrey.

The milling of Spring Street is projected to take four to five days and repaving up to three weeks after that. In the meantime, traffic will be shifted to one-lane while crews work on the other.

The entire project should be completed this summer.

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