LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton will "consider" an arbitrator's recommendation to restore the rank of an officer who was demoted after sharing a controversial Facebook post last year. 

"If we really wanted you dead all we’d have to do is stop patrolling your neighborhoods," read the post shared by then-Sgt. Derek Hale. "And wait."

At the top of the post, which has a picture of a white police officer leaning against a cruiser, Hale wrote, "Ha … truth." Hale posted it on his personal account.

An arbitrator ruled that while Hale acted inappropriately and violated department regulations, he did not originate the photograph and took responsibility for his actions.

The arbitrator recommended Hale be reinstated to his previous rank of sergeant.

In a statement Tuesday, Bolton noted that the arbitrator called the post "racist, grandiose, arrogant, and inflammatory" and "resulted in emotional and situational injury to Louisville's black population."

Bolton said he did not fire Hale because he felt Hale "could learn from his mistake and become a better employee."

"As the Director, I will continue to hold Hale to his word while I consider the arbitrator's recommendation and independently decide what is in the best interest of the Department," Bolton said in a statement

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