Goodwood Brewing Company is adding cannabis to its beer, and it's completely legal.

It's called Hemp Gose.

“[It’s] a German style kettle sour,” Mitzlaff said. “Then they introduced a hemp extract, or a hemp terpene. Millennials love it, and even folks my age."

The folks at Goodwood say the beer is slightly salty, tart and has a dash of “dank,” an herbal aroma. It's 5.12 percent alcohol, which is on the lower side for Goodwood beer.

“Cannabis is kind of the big thing in the U.S., now with one third of the states legalizing marijuana,” Mitzlaff said.

However, people who drink Hemp Gose won’t actually get high. Goodwood had to prove to the federal government it's THC-free.

“In order to prove it, there was a lab in Pittsburgh and a lab in Denver, and both ran analysis proving that there were zero parts per billion THC in the product,” Mitzlaff said.

The brewery now sells Hemp Gose in more than 200 places across Kentucky, including Kroger and Total Wine and More.

Goodwood is expecting to get approval from the government this week to sell the Hemp Gose nationwide. 

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