DALLAS (WDRB) -- The family of a 7-year-old Dallas boy says his outburst last week at school led to police handcuffing him and placing him in a behavioral health facility without notifying a parent.

An investigator hired by the family's attorneys, David Ramirez, said Tuesday that the boy has hyperactivity and mood disorders. Ramirez says the boy became upset during standardized testing May 9 at his charter school. His usual counselor was not at the school and the boy started hitting his head against the wall. Teachers called Dallas Independent School District Police.

Ramirez says the boy's mother was later told he was in the Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. Ramirez says the boy was sedated and not released until Monday.

The family's attorney is Amar Dhillon.  He made further accusations about excessive force saying the school officers used a baton on the boy's legs and a taser to subdue him. 

A school district spokeswoman says the actions by district police were their own and not a matter of district policy. District police didn't return messages.

Ramirez says the boy's outbursts are often triggered by teasing from other children.  It's unclear whether the  boy will return to the school.

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