The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts will sing and dance its way to a new location. Plans are being finalized this week on a project announced in 2015. 

The expansion is part of a bigger $28 million plan to make a new Louisville entertainment district in Paristown, which is 50 acres stretching from Broadway to Barret Avenue and down to Breckenridge Street, sandwiched between NuLu, the Highlands, Germantown and downtown Louisville.

“We started about five years ago working on the development,” said Stephen Smith, owner of Louisville Stoneware and the leader of the Paristown project. “We need a lot of deferred maintenance in the neighborhood.

“(The Kentucky Center is) the key tenant, and my understanding is they are going to do 85 dates a year," he said.

The Kentucky Center’s other venues will all stay open.

Of the $28 million in the plan, $5 million will expand Louisville Stoneware, which is a 200-year-old Louisville business.

“[That] will include a sweet shop and a new mercantile experience,” Smith said. “We've got multiple restaurants moving into the neighborhood.”

Goodwood Brewing Company is putting a microbrewery stage left of the Kentucky Center, if you're facing Broadway.

The Cafe on Vine and Brent Streets will stick around, but all the streets and sidewalks around it will be replaced, and parking will be added.

“We've been working on it for a long time, and we are just happy to get moving,” Smith said.

As plans continue to get moving, Paristown is looking for more restaurants to settle in the neighborhood.

The curtain should open at the new Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts by the fall of 2018.

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