LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new sex scandal surrounds the former Clark County sheriff who lied to the FBI and quit his job in 2014 to cover an affair with a prostitute. 

This time, it involves Danny Rodden, an escort, a Cracker Barrel and a flip flop. 

Sellersburg Police Chief William Whelan encountered Rodden while responding to a shoplifting call on May 1 at the Cracker Barrel on Triangle Road. Whelan said Rodden was sitting with the suspect, 26 year-old Amarie Williamson, who was accused of trying to steal a flip-flop. Williamson's purse was full of pills, needles and marijuana, according the police report, and she had a story to tell.

"She made allegations basically saying she was an escort, and that (Rodden) has paid her a couple times for some sexual acts," Whelan said.

Williamson said she was paid $300 to $400 each time at Rodden's Sellersburg home, and she'd sometimes bring a friend.  

After a couple days in jail, she did a second interview with police, producing dates, times and text messages. 

"One of the main ones was, 'Hey, do you want to play?' And that was basically their code for sexual acts for money," Whelan said.

In 2013, Rodden lied to the FBI to cover up paying for sex. The prostitute from the old case became an informant for the federal government. She told authorities that Rodden gave her a badge and a sheriff's shirt to get special officer rates at the Hyatt Hotel in Louisville, where they met for the affair. He was forced to retire as sheriff as part of the plea agreement. 

Rodden's new attorney, Bart McMahon, doesn't want anyone jumping to conclusions based on his past. 

"At this point and time, we have mere allegations from someone who's an admitted prostitute." McMahon said. "No evidence has been turned over, no arrests, there are no charges."

But in the court of public opinion, the damage may already be done. 

"He lost so much from the first incident that you would have thought he repented and cleaned up his act," said Dianne Wisman, a Clark County resident. "To think he's back to his old ways ... he has a problem."

According the the Sellersburg police report, " Daniel said (Williamson) was helping with a sex trafficking ring out of Florida and she was going to get money for it."

Rodden denied paying for sex acts and said he gave her money to, "help her out." 

Prosecutors are still weighing the case, figuring out who to believe: an escort or the shamed former sheriff.

"(I'm) disappointed and frustrated, because there's a lot of good officers nationwide," Whelan said. "And when one does something, we all take a hit for that."

Rodden's wife filed for divorce in 2015. It was finalized last year. 

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