ST. LOUIS (WDRB) -- A little boy in St. Louis is calling for an end to violence. 

Leanndra Cheatham posted a video of her son, Jeffrey Laney is a six-year-old kindergartener.  On the Facebook video, Jeffrey says he's scared. “A lot of people, people need to stop killing each other around here because this is just making me feel bad.” He goes on to say in the video that more people should turn to religion instead of turning to crime. “I just want people to stop killing each other,” he says.  Jeffrey adds, “Be a grown man and just act good.”

Cheatham originally posted the video on May 15, and it has been shared around the world. She wrote, "My Son has A message for St Louis before bed... Our kids are tired!! wake up people.. Lil J had me in tears.. I can't fail him !! At Six years old !!!"

Cheatham tells KTVI in St. Louis that she hopes the video will cause adults to think about the toll their actions are taking on innocent children.
“We need to value life more and we need to watch what we do around these little ones.”

She also says she received a Facebook message from one man who said he was about to shoot someone in retaliation but decided to put down his gun after watching her son’s entire message.

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