LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Several dogs who were found living in squalor in a LaRue County home after their 68-year-old owner died have been nursed back to health and are now up for adoption. 

Sounds of excitement could be heard echoing from the Hardin County Animal Shelter on Monday, the sounds of dogs barking and whimpering as 8-year-old Ava Torres looked for a new companion for grandma's house.

"They're really cute," Torres said of the dogs.

"Considering where they came from, I'd say they really deserve a good home," said Mike McNutt, director of Hardin County Animal Control. 

It was the first day any of the dogs rescued from filth have been up for adoption. 

On May 5, deputies found trash and debris piled so thick they could could barely see the floor inside a LaRue County trailer. Also inside the trailer was the body of the dogs' owner, 68-year-old Mary Jean King.

"We're waiting for information to see if we need to go further with a criminal issues," said LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy, shortly after the discovery. 

On Monday, the sheriff said he had subpoenaed King's medical records. She likely died of pneumonia, but she lived there with family caregivers. Those records may rule out neglect. 

Thirty-one dogs were pulled from the home. Of that number, 17 are going to rescue, which means 14 are up for adoption.

"Some of them were young and needed to be in foster care," McNutt said. "Some had had behavior issues, and one had a medical issue and needed immediate care beyond what we could provide for them adequately."

On Monday, Ava fell in love with a Chihuahua named Glory, and grandma gave in. For the 8-year-old, it's not just about gaining a new companion. It's an act of compassion.

"They're just dogs that deserve a second chance," Ava said.

The dogs up for adoption at the Hardin County Animal Control. They have been spayed, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. The cost of adoption is $90. Click here, for information on the adoption process.

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