CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- The owner of Wildlife in Need fired back at PETA on Monday after another complaint that alleges animal abuse against a bear cub.

The 14-week cub, named Gizzy, is seen screaming in a video that was taken at the Charlestown animal sanctuary earlier this month.

In PETA's complaint to the USDA, the organization says Stark taunted the cub by dangling her by the mouth for an audience, posing a risk for serious injury.

Here is the complaint:

Stark said he was educating visitors on Gizzy's tight grip, though the bear screams throughout the video.

"That's not signs of stress, distress, torture or any of that crap," Stark said.

PETA claims stark violated the Animal Welfare Act, but he calls the allegations bogus.

"I'm that bear's momma, the poppa, everything," he said. That's why they call me the moppa. I'm the momma and the poppa."

Stark said he wasn't surprised by the complaint. PETA has filed several complaints against him in the past.

This time, the organization called on the USDA to investigate Stark, and confiscate his cub.

"PETA is not my boss," Stark said. "I'm not licensed through PETA. I'm licensed through the USDA. In simple terms, PETA can kiss my a**."

Stark has been investigated by the USDA in past years, but he's kept his license.

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