LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – A Louisville woman is recovering after being hit by a truck while riding her bike, and the person responsible never stopped.

It happened around 10 a.m. Saturday at Taylorsville Road and Eastwood Fisher Road.

“When I saw him coming as fast as he was, I thought I was dead," said Jennifer Kramer, an experienced cyclist. "I thought that was it."

As Kramer was about to turn left onto Eastwood Fisherville Road, she said the tan pick-up truck was in the middle of the road and approaching fast. Her only option was to put her head down and try to speed up.

The truck hit Kramer and she was thrown over 30 feet.

A quick-thinking motorist stopped and took a photo of the tan pick-up truck as it drove past. Several drivers stopped to help Kramer, who was bleeding and lying in the road.

“I kept thinking, 'God, I got to get up. This is a busy road. I am going to get run over,'" Kramer said. "Then I heard somebody say, ‘We’ve got traffic blocked both ways … Are you OK?’”

Kramer was in the middle of a nearly 50-mile ride when she was hit. She is an avid cyclist and has competed in triathlons and Ironman competitions.

She said considering how fast the truck she was going and how hard she was hit, it’s surprising she did not break any bones or have internal injuries. She said two of her friends have also been hit by cars this year -- one with a broken arm and the other suffering a broken leg.

LMPD said they are investigating the incident, and anyone with information should contact them at 574-LMPD.

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