LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A viral video that appears to show an elderly man being battered and stomped on by two women in the parking lot at Indi's in west Louisville has sparked outrage around the community. 

The events depicted in the video took place at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of Indi's, located near the corner of South 10th Street and West Broadway.

The video shows a man dressed in white struggling to get into a black Jaguar. He's hit from the right. He tries to fight back, is hit again and is then taken down from behind. 

The surrounding crowd stands, watches and records it all as the elderly man is stomped again.

Finally, an Indi's worker slowly intervenes.

WDRB News confirmed one of the women as 27-year-old Roneisha Reed. 

Reed actually identified herself in a profanity-laced video statement she posted on Facebook after the video of the attack went viral. Shedefended her actions, saying the man was at fault.

"The [EXPLETIVE] thought they was going to hit my car and run," she said. "That's what happened. Dude cracked me first, so he got what was coming to him."

Reed also condemned her social media critics.

"While you making statuses and all that stuff like that, you all don't know what's really going on," she said. That's what's wrong with Facebook."

In the original video, the one of the attack, you can faintly hear someone screaming, "You got my information." 

Police responded to the scene but made no arrests. A LMPD spokesman would say, "It's under investigation."

MetroSafe confirms the first call came in as a non-injury accident. No one was arrested

The Indi's on Broadway has not always been the safest location. There have been shootings and murders there. A small memorial still marks one of the tragedies in the parking lot. 

The manger didn't wouldn't talk on camera, but almost every customer in the doors had seen the video and heard what happened.

"I mean, it's somebody's grandfather or uncle or dad," Shaneal Brents said. "I wouldn't want that to happen to nobody in my family, and I think it was pretty terrible. Sad to watch." 

Reed was already on probation for a 2014 burglary and court records revealed she's set to go on trial Thursday in Jefferson County for a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse. 

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