LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Salem Police officer who also served as a school resource officer for Salem Community Schools has been placed on paid administrative leave after a "medical event."

Ryan Bower, the Salem City Attorney issued the following statement:

"The city has no evidence whatsoever of any reduced capacity, for any reason including drug usage, that would have occurred while Officer Ratts was employed as a school resource officer. He has not acted as a school resource officer for approximately one month. At this point, all we know is that he had what is believed to be a medical event, that occurred off school grounds, possibly at his home, in the late evening. This medical event may have diminished his abilities and we are currently reviewing all possibilities while Mr. Ratts is on paid leave. He has not acted as a school resource officer for approximately one month." 

Bower says Ratts is a veteran officer and was previously the Police Chief. He says Ratts' last day was on April 29th. Bower says Ratts was placed on paid administrative leave about a week ago. Bower says Ratts' employment is under review/investigation by the City Attorney's Office and the Board of Works and Safety. Bower thinks the investigation could be finished in a week. The City Attorney also adds that Ratts has passed all random employment drug screenings.

Parents and residents have contacted WDRB concerned about why Ratts was removed from the school. 

"Unfortunately Officer Ratts is no longer our SRO and I really don't have any information," said Lynn Reed, superintendent of Salem Community Schools. "The Chief of Police is in charge of placing our resource officers and about almost a month ago he told me that we would be changing personnel."

She declined to comment further.

Ratts has not returned our messages for comment.

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