Jefferson County’s Public Schools have been in the headlines a lot lately – and not always for the best reasons. Superintendent Donna Hargens resigned under pressure, student discipline referrals increased significantly, and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin proclaimed JCPS to be – and I quote – “an absolute, unmitigated disaster.”

However, there was a headline on yesterday that probably didn’t attract as much attention, but certainly deserves to:  “6,344 JCPS Students Will Earn Diplomas This Week.”

Yes, despite all of their problems, our local public high schools managed to successfully graduate over 6,000 kids who, as a result, now possess that basic, yet critical, foundation that will allow them to pursue a successful course in life.

And who made this possible for these kids? Their teachers. The men and women who showed up every day and made the effort to not only convey information, but to establish the respect and trust necessary to make those students receptive to that information. And that’s not easy.

Certainly, not all teachers are models of dedication. But most of them are devoted hard workers who chose their career for the right reasons. And there’s no doubt those who do this essential work with the expertise and commitment it demands deserve our highest praise.

These are the people who truly hold our future in their hands, and they deserve as much encouragement as they can get.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.