LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Hundreds of people have responded to a survey on proposed changes to River Road, which one group said would make it safer for drivers and cyclists.

Citizens for a Safer River Road has been working on plans to narrow the driving lanes to ten feet in order to widen the shoulder to four feet along River Road. Leaders of the group held public input meetings and opened a public survey for a month.

Mike Sewell, a principal with Gresham Smith & Partners, said 350 people responded to the survey. He said the responses were split about half from cyclists in favor and half from drivers with mixed opinions. One thing Sewell said was interesting to note from the responses is that even though drivers said they didn’t like the idea of having to share the road, they understood the positive impact of the project.

“At the end of the day, I think the vast majority of users, which we have about 89 to 90 percent of folks, agree that the proposed fix will be safer for all users," Sewell said.

From the surveys and public feedback, project organizers will need to make a few changes to the current plan in three different areas.

“There is a drainage structure adjacent to a historic wall on one property that is going to cause us to change how we approach that little segment of the shoulder widening,” Sewell said.

In those three areas, the shoulders might not be a full four feet as initially thought in the original plans.

“We’ll either have to put in a three-foot or a three-and a-half-foot shoulder, as opposed to a four-foot shoulder," Sewell said. "And that runs for maybe 20 feet.”

The goal was to never destroy property, move utilities or take out trees with this safety project. And Sewell said that is still their intention as they look to rework the plans.

Next, the survey results will be handed over to Metro Council members for review. If the plans pass Metro Council and the group raises all the funds needed, they hope to have all the work done this year.

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