Since Kentucky One Health plans to sell Jewish Hospital – and there seems to be much angst about the right location for the new one-billion-dollar Veteran’s Hospital – it may be time to investigate the potential of using the Jewish Hospital facility.

Clearly, it wouldn’t be as simple as the VA moving their operation into the Jewish buildings as is. To make sure the VA has the kind of amenities they could expect to enjoy in a brand new facility, hundreds of millions would likely have to be spent in totally refurbishing Jewish to the most modern standards.

But hundreds of millions is still hundreds of millions LESS than a billion. And who really thinks a billion is the upper limit of the cost of a new hospital?

How much better would it be for the VA to be located downtown, convenient to Interstates and right in the center of the area’s largest community of medical professionals, rather than being relatively isolated on Brownsboro Road?

Every time I think about the totally unnecessary East End Bridge Tunnel and the foolish, foolish waste of money it was, I cringe. Do we really want to repeat what could be a similar massive mistake?

Sure, this idea to make Jewish the new VA Hospital may have its flaws. But it can’t hurt to at least talk about it.

So call and tell us what you think.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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