LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some Louisville murder victims have been gunned down in front of witnesses, but they're not all open-and-shut cases for police.

Detectives first have to crack the street code that scares people silent. LMPD says, in some cases, that means murders go unsolved, families don't get closure and criminals go on to the next victim.

Last week, 7-year-old Dequante Hobbs Jr. was shot and killed while sitting at the kitchen table in his west Louisville home.

"I watched him take his last breath," said Micheshia Norment, Dequante's mother.

Charles Hill, 33, was shot and killed in broad daylight in the Beecher Terrace Housing Complex late last year.

University of Louisville student Savannah Walker was shot and killed during a crowded concert at the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in March.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare," said Dean Walker, Savannah's father.

Anton Brown, 22, was shot and killed at the Big Four Bridge on Memorial Day.

All of the victims were shot and killed in front of witnesses.

"The witnesses hold the key that we need to put that evidence together."," said Lt. Emily McKinley with LMPD. 

McKinley said some of the cases can't be solved because of the street code of silence.

"By not talking, by not speaking up, we are making things worse," she said.

Langston Gaither, the Executive Director of The Family Life Center, uses social media to reach people who want to leave the life of crime but don't know how to make positive changes.

"When it comes to losing a life, that's the wrong time to not say anything," said Gaither, who runs several progressive youth programs and also mentors ex-felons.

"When they hear words like snitches get stitches, that's scary." 

He said the "no snitching," or code of silence, has been in movies and rap songs for years but sends the wrong message .

"We can't win with the enemy's rules," Gaither said. "If you expect to win with your enemy's rules, you're not going to win."

McKinley is disappointed she can't give the family closure because police are confident someone knows who pulled the trigger.

"We have spoken to people who know who have done this," she said. "We have talked to those people who can provide those answers for us, and we need those people to step up to the plate and do this."

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