I’m very disappointed in those Metro Council members who stood before the cameras last week and called for Steve Conrad to resign or be fired as Louisville Police Chief -- a very transparent attempt to capitalize politically on the tragic shootings in our community. It’s a horrible way to try to get more votes, but there they were, grabbing the spotlight and hoping voters would think they’re doing something. 

None of those people has the knowledge or experience in policing that Chief Conrad has.  And that includes David James, who used to be a cop.  They don’t know what kind of Chief they’d prefer over Chief Conrad because they don’t know anything about policing.  They’re just showboating.

Here’s all they do know: People are being murdered, just like in every decent-sized city in America, and by gosh, someone needs to be blamed. But here’s the truth:

The police aren’t the problem.  And neither is the Chief. But these armchair critics can’t get votes by telling parents they’re doing a bad job raising their kids, or by pointing out that parts of our society are very sick, because that includes some of their voters. So instead they lash out at the most prominent and convenient scapegoat at hand, and hope that passes for leadership.

Well, it doesn’t. And these so-called "representatives of the people" need to be called on their irresponsibility.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.