LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you get sick after swimming in a pool this summer, it could be because someone peed in it. 

A professor at Purdue University found when some chemicals in urine interact with chlorine, the reaction could cause throat and eye irritation. The problem is that pools don't have the technology to detect how much of the dangerous compounds are present.

Professor Earnest Bratchley says there is really only one way to tell.

"One way to gauge that is really kind of the smell," Bratchley said. "So the kind of chlorine smell that goes with a pool is largely associated with trichloramine or nitrogen trichloride. That is the kind of characteristic chlorine odor that goes with pools. The stronger that odor is, the higher the concentration is likely to be."

Bratchley says he thinks discussion of the chemistry behind peeing in the pool may convince people not to do it anymore.

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