LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As gun violence escalates in Louisville, one member of Metro Council is calling for help from Frankfort.

During an event promoting National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Metro Councilman Brandon Coan said the General Assembly should allow Louisville to pass its own gun control measures.

"Illegal gun violence is a scourge on our community, and a uniquely urban problem in our rural state. I am pleading with my colleagues in Kentucky General Assembly to reconsider the strict prohibition on local firearms control," Coan said.

It is not a new idea. A bill that would have allowed Louisville to enact gun restrictions died in the legislature earlier this year.

Coan acknowledges passage is highly unlikely next year with the governor and Republican majorities in both chambers on record opposing gun restrictions.

Gov. Matt Bevin said as recently as last week that the answer to violence will not come from Frankfort.

"There is no government solution to this problem. There's not," he said.

Coan believes the escalating violence may cause enough lawmakers to reconsider.

"At a certain point, reasonable people, and I think all of the Kentucky state legislators are, more or less, reasonable people, are at least willing to have a conversation about something, and that's what I'm asking for."

For now, council Democrats are pushing voluntary gun safety measures.

"Get a lock. Get a trigger block. That's what you can do. It's your second amendment right to have a gun, but help protect our loved ones," said Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton.

Council Democrats are calling on residents to wear orange this weekend to observe National Gun Safety Awareness Day.

"Orange is the color, the official color, that symbolizes the value of human life," said Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith.

The Big Four Bridge will be lit up in orange this weekend as part of the campaign.

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