LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD is investigating after three cars were broken into near Waterfront Park on Wednesday evening, and one of the victims is hoping his music equipment will be returned so he can get back to work.

Stephen Gould is a local artist and traveling musician. He stopped by Waterfront Park to enjoy the first Waterfront Wednesday of the year with his friends. He said all the park’s parking lots were full, so he parked in a vacant lot just down the road.

"I locked my car, made sure everything was secure as possible," Gould said. "Being a traveling musician, your stuff is in your car. You don't have any other place to put it."

When he returned to his car about two hours later, he found the passenger window shattered. He said someone broke into the car and stole his laptop, two iPads and a custom-made microphone.

"That's how I have my lyrics,” said Gould about the stolen equipment. “My set list. Anything, my backing tracks. All my master files. My sessions for creating music. So anytime I have a thought or an idea, it goes straight into that.”

Gould said he hasn’t been home and wasn’t able to back his devices up. He just released a new song on Monday and was preparing to release a brand new album. All that work is gone.

“There were so many songs and ideas that were amazing,” Gould said. “I’ll never be able to see it again. It’s gone. It’s absolutely devastating.”

In between gigs or producing music, Gould will play for anyone up on the Big Four Bridge.

"I'm up here playing sometimes whenever I'm available,” Gould said. “And it's the best feeling for me in the world to have. All I want is to put a smile on somebody's face."

He’s not sure when he’ll be able to do that again without his equipment. But he’s determined to play again, and he doesn’t want Monday’s violence and Wednesday’s break-ins to deter anyone from coming out to enjoy the park.

"My hope definitely going forward is just to see Louisville continue to come out to the park,” Gould said. “Stick together and just keep smiling, and sing with me. If you see me out here singing, let's rock out!"

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help replace the stolen equipment. If you donate, you will receive a copy of Gould’s most recent album, "Victory Victory".

Two other cars were broken into in that same lot where Gould’s was parked. If you have any information that can help LMPD find whoever did this, call 574-LMPD. You can remain anonymous.

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