LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A southern Indiana mother who took a plea deal in the case of her 3-year-old-daughter's death, was sentenced Monday. 

In the deal, Cynthia Weigleb agreed to spend 32 years in prison for the death of her daughter, Alexis Arensman. On Monday, the judge upheld the deal. As part of the sentence, after she is released from prison, Weigleb must remain on supervised probation for five years. 

Medical reports show the 3-year-old was abused and prosecutors say neglect caused her death in 2015.

"I believe justice has been served," Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. 

Weigleb is also charged with neglecting Alexis' sister, who is now living with foster parents.

"She is recovering, she's still very much traumatized by what happened," Mull said. 

"This was an incredibly complex case to prosecute, primarily because where the injuries occurred to these little girls," Mull said. "It was in a home with multiple adults and no one was admitting as to who caused the injuries... I'm happy that both these individuals are going to be away for decades to get justice for these little girls. This is what we have been trying for, for years now."

Weigleb also has a history of child abuse: she was arrested in 2011 for beating a 3-month-old and breaking the child's legs and ribs. She pleaded guilty to battery and causing serious bodily injury in that case.


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