LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--10 year-old Haley is living the care-free life of an elementary school student on summer vacation, or at least she was supposed to be.

"I was scared when it was going on," she explained.

On Sunday night, her mom was taking her to dinner at McDonalds on East Market, near Nulu, when they ran into 37 year-old Tyler Atkins.

"Thank God he didn't kill her. This is sad," her grandma Brenda said.

Police say Haley's mom stopped the car from hitting Atkins. 
He was allegedly throwing rocks, acting out of sorts, and then tried to grab the girl from the back passenger window.

"My granddaughter, she's smart. I always told her if anybody ever tried to get her-- to fight. Her momma always told her to fight back. The school tells them if anyone tries to do anything, to take up for yourself," explained Brenda.

Haley apparently listened. The soon-to-be fifth grader says she fought Atkins off, and got a big bruise in the process. 

Atkins faced a judge Monday morning for attempted kidnapping, wanton endangerment, and more. He pleaded not guilty.

Haley is trying to get back to her summer, with new lessons learned, that she's already spreading.

Still, there's no doubt in her grandmas mind, somewhere something like this will happen again. It's why she decided to speak out.

"I'm glad I spoke on television, so nothing else would happen to no other kids. I mean it is so sad," said Brenda.

The victim and her grandmother did not want their last names shared.

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