LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky has issued an arrest warrant for a lawyer convicted of a multi-million dollar fraudulent scheme.

FBI officials say Eric Conn, a former attorney in Floyd County, Kentucky, removed his electronic monitoring device in violation of his bond.

Officials say his whereabouts at the moment are unknown.

Conn pleaded guilty in March to his role in a $550 million social security fraud scheme. Prosecutors said that scheme involved Conn, a doctor, bogus medical reports and a federal judge and the goal of the scheme was to get patients disability money, who might not actually need it.

Hundreds of people involved in these cases were from eastern Kentucky.

There was big money involved. Over the course of a decade, Conn's firm received $23 million dollars from the Social Security Administration.

The former attorney was allowed to skip jail time between his plea and sentencing, as long as he remained on house arrest.

Conn was scheduled to be sentenced next month.

WKYT was able to talk on the phone with one of the women who was a whistleblower in the case. She says she's not surprised he's gone.

"I'm both angry and, I don't know, disheartened that they didn't take this more seriously sooner. I'm just upset the feds didn't get involved sooner and take the whole situation for what it was and get involved and freeze his assets,' Jennifer Griffith said.

Conn's attorney, Scott White, said he didn't have comment on the situation. He said, "Sorry, none that would be suitable for public airwaves."

Anyone who knows where Conn might be is asked to contact the FBI at (502) 263-6000.