LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A jungle gym, sprinklers and sunshine are a kid’s idea of a good time. A parent’s idea is a little different.

“One good thing [about Waterfront Park] is that it’s free,” a mother at Waterfront Park said. “People are always looking for inexpensive things to do.”

However, a day of fun at Waterfront Park could soon cost you. The Waterfront Development Corporation has proposed a plan to charge $5 to park for three hours in a Waterfront parking lot.

“I think $5 is a lot for three hours,” one mother said.

“In the Cincinnati area, the Indianapolis area and some other areas, they actually charge for parking at waterfront parks,” said Waterfront Development Corporation president David Karem.

The Waterfront Development Corporation needs money to maintain the park and the Belvedere, plan events and manage the Belle of Louisville.

“The legislature committed $420,000 to the waterfront," Karem said. "And when that got to the governor's desk, it got vetoed by the governor."

Mayor Greg Fischer wants to give the park a big chunk of change to make up for the shortfall. But that money still needs to be approved by Metro Council and would only cover the park for one year.

If it's not approved, the Waterfront may be forced to fall back on plan B.

“In each of the parking lots in the park, there would be a station where you went and paid to park,” Karem said.

As long as there are parking fees, some parents say they might not come back.

“There are a lot of other parks around," one mother said. "I would probably just go somewhere else."

“I would be less inclined to come I think if there was $5 parking,” another mother said.

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