LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you cross the Lincoln Bridge from now on, you are being watched with state-of-the-art technology.

TRIMARC workers are now monitoring two new infrared cameras installed on the north and south ends of the bridge. Systems administrator for TRIMARC, Todd Hood, said the cameras have been fully operational for about two and a half weeks.

“They allow us to see at night through fog through smoke, haze, sun, glare,” Hood said.

Workers can relay information directly to MetroSafe and LMPD.

“If there’s a report or an incident or something going on even in the water, we’ll use the cameras as much as we can,” Hood said.

The cameras can see parts of neighboring bridges like the Kennedy and the Big Four.

TRIMARC said each camera costs about $23,000. The technology was budgeted for the Lincoln Bridge but could eventually be added to the tunnel at the Lewis & Clark Bridge or other crossings.

"These cameras were included with the Ohio River Bridges Project and the funding that was provided through that, so we're just evaluating them and seeing what the benefits are of the cameras themselves," Hood said.

The video from the infrared cameras will not be available on TRIMARC's website. 

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