LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For the last 365 days, if there was a yard in need of a good mow, Barbara Wilson's kids did it for free. 

"All the attention that they got last year just motivated them to go harder this year," she said.

They're back with a lot of upgrades. A trailer, several lawnmowers and a few weed eaters were all donated by impressed people last summer.

"It's just impossible to not continue these good deeds with the love and support we've been getting from everybody," Wilson said.

A cut and a trim from them also comes with a message. 

"A lot of people look at our kids because they're young black males and assume the worst," Smith said.

She said they shouldn't. The young men have been shattering stereotypes for a long time now.

"It feels good to be doing stuff and not getting in trouble," said Smith's son, Travis.

Last year, his mom promised to take him, his two brothers and a cousin on a trip for all they did. It happened in April.

"We went to Disney World and Universal," Smith said with a smile. "They had a ball."

Just as the grass grows, so too do the teens. They've got their eyes set on a new, more mature destination this year.

"I would say Dubai," said Smith's son, Demontae.

"I'm like, 'You have to work a little harder on that,'" Smith said. "'Y'all don't mow enough yards to make it to Dubai yet.'"

To keep their "free jobs" fueled and to perhaps one day go on that trip, the teens will start accepting payment from people offering it.

"We're always doing something positive to move in the right direction," Demontae said. "We don't want to regress. We want to move forward."

To enlist the help of the teens, click here.

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