LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) – June is LGBT pride month and several hundred people rallied for equality on the steps of Metro Hall in Louisville on Sunday.

The Equality March for Unity and Pride rally is a grassroots campaign which mobilized LGBT communities to address political and societal concerns. 

Organizations including ACLU Kentucky, The Fairness Campaign, Jefferson County Teachers Association, and the LGBT Center at U of L were just some of the sponsors for Sunday’s rally.

“We’re standing up as a community against all of these policies that are targeting folks in all of these marginal communities,” said Chris Hartman, Director of the Fairness Campaign.

The family-friendly event also focused on inclusiveness.

“This is our community. So I want them to feel connected to the community. I want them to grow up knowing there is a community. I didn’t get to grow up knowing there is a community of people for me,” said Cydnee Praxis, who brought his two young daughters to the rally.

As songs were being sung, a couple protesters did try to drown out the singing by chanting “You’re holding yourselves back from the love of God," to which attendees held rainbow flags to separate the protesters from the performers.

The rally was not specially organized as a political rally but there was an underlying political tone.

Attendees chanted “together we stand, together we fight, we demand our equal rights” and called for broader legislation protecting LGBT rights in Kentucky.

“We’re really standing up here , we’ve got to make our voices heard in the Kentucky general assembly. If we don’t stop anti-LGBT legislation here it’s going to disseminate to the states around us and ultimately become federal law,” Hartman said.

Friday and Saturday June 16 & 17 tens of thousands are expected to attend the Kentuckiana Pride Festival which will kick off with a parade and end with the festival at the Belvedere.

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