SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Joseph Shepherd appeared in court Monday, shackled and in an orange jumpsuit. At times, he almost seemed defiant as the case against him was revealed.

The investigator at the scene, who didn't want to be identified, took the stand Monday, peppering the courtroom with new details along the way. According to police, Joseph showed up to the home of his father, Paul Shepherd, in need.

"To maybe borrow some money from the victim," the investigator said.

When it became clear Joseph was drunk, police say his dad tried to stop him from getting back behind the wheel. 

"Paul said, 'You're not going to drive that vehicle with the shape you're in.' 'Oh yes I am, I'm leaving right now,'" the victim's wife, Jean Harper told WDRB News.

That didn't go over well. Paul hardly made it out of the fight. Broken ribs, eye sockets, and a broken neck would be too much for the 78-year-old father.

"The victim fell down, and he was unresponsive and not breathing," the investigator told the courtroom Monday.

"Dr. Springer verified the injuries to the C1 and C2 vertebrae, and he also found trauma to the top of the head that looked like bruising. At that time, Dr. Springer told me that injury is consistent with a punch," the investigator said.

Because of that new information, an upgraded charge of second degree manslaughter came for Joseph Shepherd

Murder charges are still not out of the question once a grand jury gets its hands on the case. 

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