LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville has endured four murders in four days, and police said one thing is making their investigations harder.

No one is coming forward to help.

Unfortunately, police said people at the Arcadia Park Apartments aren't cooperating at all. That's where the shooting happened around 8 p.m. Monday, near the intersection of Utah Avenue and Thornberry Avenue in the Taylor Berry neighborhood near Churchill Downs.

LMPD said a 27-year-old man was shot to death behind one of the apartment buildings. The victim's name hasn't been released yet, and no one has been arrested.

Police at the scene stressed frustration with witnesses not coming forward to help solve these murders.

Neighbors said they always hear gunshots and describe the area as "terrifying" and "crime-ridden."

"I got robbed two blocks away in the church parking lot," said Bill Mercer. "I mean, what is going on? People need to get together and vote somebody in that's going to take care of this."

LMPD hasn't said what led up to the shooting, but neighbors fear violent crime is the result of drugs.

"It has to do with drugs or money, one of the two ... and that's what's wrong with the neighborhood right now," Mercer said.

Mercer is upset with the drug problems that have taken over several counties. On his door, he has a flyer for his missing granddaughter Haliey Mercer who has been on the news. She is from Grayson County and was last seen in May.

"I think she got in with someone who had drugs and warped her brain," Mercer said. "If the drugs are out there, that's what is going to happen to these children."

Mercer wants answers in her case and answers to stop the crime in his neighborhood.  

"These apartments down here seem to drag enough riff raff into this part of town," he said. "It's nothing. You can go four or five houses and find you some heroin. It's coming here by the bags."

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call 574-LMPD. You can remain anonymous.

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