Najla Keserovic is an artist who specializes in eyebrow rehabilitation. Cut by cut, hair by hair, one eyebrow at a time, she transforms them by practicing a growing trend called microblading.

“It's great for people who don't have hair because of Alopecia or from chemo,” Keserovic said. “You have to be highly trained in this, and you have to understand how skin works.”

Microblading is a series of tiny scratches in the brow. The artist then fills them with pigment to give the brows a fuller look.

“I'm going to go in and add some pigment to settle in and add to the little slits we made” she said.

Although it can be painful, Keserovic said her new salon appointment book is quickly filling up. She opened House of Wax inside Sola Salon Studios in Middletown last month.  

“I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect,” client Seaera Minyard said. “It hurt, but it wasn't super painful. It wasn't unbearable.”

Keserovic makes symmetrical measurements and mixes a color to match a client's skin tone. Although she just opened the salon, she has been doing brows for a long time. She has a tattoo license and a microblading certification and warns everyone interested in the procedure to do their research before making an appointment.

“If you go too deep, you can cause extreme bleeding, bruising, swelling,” she said. "Definitely ask about experience, motive, certifications, all the basic questions you would ask any professional working on your appearance. Red flags would be hygiene, so check out the facility and make sure it's clean. Be sure to see the implements before [they are used] to make sure [everything] is sterile. Please check [the salon's] before and after photos. Stalk the stylist's social media, check out [his or her] work and be sure you're in love before you commit. Also, be realistic about your results. If you start with hardly anything, or crazy, uneven, overdone brows, then don't expect to see a trim, lush brow [after the procedure]. Just be practical."

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts for a year or more. To review pricing at House of Wax, click here

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