LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A couple in Pleasure Ridge Park celebrates 65 years of marriage. WDRB learns about their love story and the secret to a long and happy marriage.

Joe and Helen McMillen clean their house together every Wednesday and have done this for 60 some years. 

Most of their friends have passed away. Some might consider them boring.

"We get up and read the paper, work the puzzle, he bowls two days a week, I volunteer at the hospital three days a week. So, we have our own interests," Helen McMillen said.

The interest they've taken in each other, however, is exceptional. 

The two lived a mile a part and met in their teens.

"I probably knew him all my life. We went to the same school," McMillen said.

"There weren't that many people around Colesburg, either, boys or girls. So, you didn't have a good choice to pick from, but I picked a good one," Joe McMillen said.

The two made four children, nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. 

"They kept us on the straight and narrow but we were always happy," Patrick McMillen, the couple's son said.

They said being together was always the most important.

"They were there all the time. Even when my dad had shift work, he'd come home and sleep a few hours and you'd look down in left field and he'd be there," McMillen said.

"65 years later and we're still here. Oh, shoot," Helen McMillen said.

The two said some early memories can be cloudy. However, they never fight.

"For the younger couples, they just need to have a little patience. I mean, you know, the first thing that goes wrong, you don't leave. You don't walk out the door. You have to work at it. You get up every day and work at it," McMillen said.

Family came in to town to celebrate 65 years of endless laughs, dancing and cleaning.

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