FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Attorney Andy Beshear said Thursday he will hold off on filing a lawsuit over a recent executive order by Gov. Matt Bevin to reorganize several state education boards.

On July 7, Beshear gave Bevin one week to rescind his order. The Attorney General said the governor's move was unconstitutional and illegal.

“But I gave him time," Beshear said. "I wanted him to think through what he'd done."

As the deadline approached, the governor's office responded.

On Wednesday, Bevin's attorney Steve Pitt sent a letter to Beshear which said the governor’s office planned "certain modifications" to Bevin’s order. The letter said the changes are to be filed on Friday.

“It appears that, at least, some action will be taken," Beshear said. "I don't know that it will be sufficient, but I do want to see what it is."

The governor's spokesperson would not comment on what those modifications might be. Bevin's office had previously said the order was legal and proper.

Beshear said any changes would have to be substantial. He said he will proceed with the lawsuit on Friday if the proposed changes do not go far enough.

“The governor does not have the power to reorganize, dissolve, kick all the members off these independent boards," Beshear said. "The legislature created those boards as independent to check the governor's power."

Beshear, a Democrat, has already sued Bevin, a Republican, three times. The Attorney General won a case in the Supreme Court, two others are still pending. This is the first time the governor has agreed to change an order in response to a Beshear threat before it went to court.

Is it a sign the feud could be thawing?

“I can always hope. In the end I am committed to having the best relationship I can with the governor," Beshear said. "I am willing to work with him."

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