LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The man who claims he was "hearing voices" during a high-speed chase that killed another man was sentenced to seven years in prison Thursday morning.

Family members of both the perpetrator and the victim say they are heartbroken. Justin Beeler's mother says she's thankful the man who killed her son did not get probation.

Michael Nevins, 46, has already been in jail for about two years, and a judge said he'll get credit for time served. It's for his involvement in a crash that happened back in 2014.

Police say Nevins and Beeler got into a fight outside of a liquor store where Nevins lied about being a police officer. But his family tells a different story and says the two exchanged words and there was no fight. 

Guelda said Beeler stopped at the store to buy soda and a pack of cigars on his last day of vacation when he was approached by Nevins who lied about being a police officer. According to court documents, the two then chased each other along Southern Parkway, going more than 100 miles per hour. Guelda says Beeler was trying to get away from Nevins.

"Justin was only 29-years-old when his life was ended abruptly by this strange event," said Joan Guelda, Beeler's mother. "Justin was a loving son, caring brother and uncle and if anyone needed anything, he was there for us. 

 "I don't think for one second that Justin was shooting at the person of Mr. Nevins, but of the car, and I saw the pictures it was down by the tire and back by the license plate."

Judge Ann Bailey Smith told Mr. Nevins he was a danger to this community, denying him probation and sentencing himto seven years. He has already served about two years in jail.

Beeler's mother and two brothers said they're happy Nevins got the maximum sentence. Guelda says,

"This is the best for the charges that were already accepted," Guelda said.

Nevins' parents did not wish to comment on camera, but say they've lost a son in this situation too.

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