LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The NCAA says it has never encountered a case like the sex scandal uncovered at the University of Louisville.

The governing body announced sanctions for the Louisville men's basketball team on Thursday. Among the harsh penalties being imposed are the suspension of basketball coach Rick Pitino for five Atlantic Coast Conference games. And the school is being told to vacate wins in which ineligible players participated.

The report underscored the NCAA's original view that Pitino should have known about McGee's activities with former escort Katina Powell. She alleged in a 2015 book that McGee had hired her and other escorts to strip and have sex with Louisville recruits and players.

During a media teleconference, committee members say the investigation shows none of the prospects knew the "activities" with the women would occur and some were uncomfortable with them.

The committee also said Pitino did not meet head coach rules by failing to monitor what was going in the basketball dorm on campus. And it says he delegated monitoring of McGee and the players to his assistant coaches, but the coaches told investigators they were not aware of that responsibility.

The NCAA says it will wait to identify which games will be vacated until the University of Louisville can respond. The committee says it is "standard process" to let the school respond as to which ineligible players were used in games to be vacated.

The committee maintains that prospects and student athletes deserve a proper environment. And they said the "acts" were more important than money exchanged between McGee and Powell.

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