I have always thought the NCAA was a pompous and arbitrary organization. They have a history of enforcing rule violations with a lack of consistency and because their rules are often not clear, the NCAA leaves the rules open to interpretation …. by the NCAA.  The sanctions they placed on U of L this week are horribly disproportionate and possibly unprecedented. 

What happened in the basketball program was wrong. It was sickening. There is no doubt of that. But let me put it in perspective. No one died. No one was assaulted. No one cheated on grades. U of L already imposed penalties on themselves that were probably far greater than the infraction deserved.  When they met with the NCAA they made no excuses. None.   

Now for the NCAA to perhaps take away almost 125 victories they earned, the national championship, and demand millions of dollars back from tournament appearances is beyond punitive. It is a gross and despicable overreach. Did the NCAA forget that they are also punishing the student/athletes who played no part in it?

I strongly believe that Rick Pitino knew nothing of the activities Andre McGee was orchestrating and I have many reasons for believing that, but even if you disagree, the penalties are way too severe for the violations. 

These penalties are so over the top, I believe U of L will fare well in its appeal. 

I’m Bill Lamb…and that’s my Point of View.