Gov. Bevin went on the attack last week against the media including WDRB and me. He took one paragraph of one of my editorials, and presented it out of context to make his case that the media is presenting fake news. I'm sure he is smart enough to know the difference between a news story and an editorial opinion piece, so why did he feel the need to bend the truth to make his point? 

Because his point wasn’t strong enough to stand up to the truth.

By calling the media out, he made it clear that he doesn't want to be asked questions by inquisitive journalists or to be held accountable. It appears he wants to govern and make deals and appoint friends to boards in private and when he wants you to know something he will give you his one sided version. 

You and I both know every story has more than one side. That's what the media is for -- to make sure all sides are presented. That's why our founding fathers included Freedom of the Press in the First Amendment, primarily so the media can hold government officials accountable. Since this is the United States, and Matt Bevin can't control the media like a third world dictator, his only other move is to try to discredit it and not be accessible to it, as though he is taking some high road.

It's not going to work. This tactic tells me that he either has or is planning to have something to hide and he doesn't want us looking too closely. That tactic tells me we are going to have to watch him closer than any governor before him. And I promise you, we will.

Matt Bevin will only be Governor for a limited time, but I can assure you that WDRB and other members of the media will continue to deliver great journalism long after he is out of office.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that’s my Point of View.

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