By: Rick Howland
Host of "Black Heart Conservative" on WGTK AM 970

In Louisville, we pay our dues and then some. According to a report by the Office of Revenue Analysis, Louisville is home to the eighth worst tax burden in the country. And what do our local leaders do with all that money? In many instances, they waste it on unnecessary programs. For example, Mayor Fischer recently proposed spending 5.4 million dollars to build a government-owned broadband network. 

He wants to install this new network alongside of Kentucky Wired’s network. If you’re not familiar, Kentucky Wired is another government-run broadband system that’s already facing financial failure with an $11 million funding gap.  

So as Louisville taxpayers, that means we get to pay for two unnecessary government programs. And for what? Louisville is already home to 39 separate Internet Service Providers who compete for customers.

With Louisville’s worsening drug epidemic and rising violent crime, think of the good we could achieve for public safety with that money. Instead, the mayor wants to spend millions of dollars to compete with the private sector. That’s bad governance. 

It’s likely that Mayor Fischer’s network will turn into a backdoor government subsidy for Google. So instead of putting more officers on the streets, our mayor would give Google, a $600 billion company, a $5 million government handout. That’s wrong and we should make our voices heard before any more of our tax dollars are wasted. 

I’m Rick Howland, and that’s my Point of View.

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