LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The two people accused of robbing senior citizens in Louisville appeared before a judge Monday morning. 

Not guilty pleas were entered on behalf of 38-year-old Robert Ray and 35-year-old Angela Chancellor.

Ray and Chancellor were arrested Saturday after leading police on a chase. The chase ended when the suspects crashed into a fence and concrete barrier in the parking lot of PNC Bank along Bardstown Road.

The pair is charged in connection with at least three robberies in the Okolona and Highview areas. Police say they robbed senior citizens at gunpoint.

Ray is charged with eleven counts of robbery and several counts of burglary. According to court documents, Chancellor was the getaway driver. She's charged with complicity to robbery.

A judge says both suspects are a danger to the community, and did not grant them home incarceration.

"She's elevated risk for violence and these are extremely serious allegations," the judge said, regarding Chancellor.

When Ray's attorney asked that the judge grant him home incarceration, the same judge declined.

"He is elevated risk for violence," she said. "His bond is $100,000, which I set over the weekend. It's gonna remain that way."

Surveillance video and tips from the community helped officers make the arrests.

The suspects are not allowed to talk to each other, or the victims. Chancellor's bond is set at $20,000 and Ray's is set at $100,000.

Both suspects are due back in court next week.

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