LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's another hit to the family of a 7-year-old boy shot and killed while sitting at his dining room table. Signs urging people to give information in the murder of Dequante Hobbs Jr. are being stolen.

Donors placed dozens of signs across the area. Family members say the signs started disappearing Friday night.

"They should see his face. They should remember," said Micheshia Norment, Hobbs' mother. "'Cause you took a 7-year-child who was at home and you should have thought about that before pulling that trigger."

The signs have been taken from Shawnee Park, off Dixie Highway and in the Russell, California and Chickasaw neighborhoods.

"It's disturbing," Norment said. "It's disrespectful."

No one has been arrested for Hobbs' murder.

"It's very important for me to know and to look that person in the eye of who killed my son," Norment said.

One of the signs was placed at the intersection Dixie Highway and Dumesnil Street in the field near a Simmons College Hall. Neighbors remember when it was placed, and the last time they saw it.

"We saw it, like, last Thursday evening," said neighbor Robert Milan. "Me and my son walked passed the sign. He read it, and I read it, because I was explaining to him how short life is."

"That's terrible," Milan said of the thefts. "Why would they do that?"

The family fears it's someone who knows something about the gunmen. Hobbs was shot in broad daylight, and it's believed the bullet came from a nearby dice game. 

"I understand the fear that some folks have about coming forward -- fear of some kind of retribution toward them -- but the biggest retribution would be is if you had that info to put that person behind bars, and you are living with that. That's a bigger challenge to face in this life," said LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell.

It's been nearly a month since Hobbs was shot and killed in his Russell neighborhood home. He was hit by a stray bullet while sitting at a table eating a piece of cake. Police said signs like this do help solve crimes. 

"I feel like we're very close," Mitchell said. "We feel like it's always effective when it stays out in the forefront of the people."

On Monday, the parents replaced a sign swiped from Shawnee Park. They are 30 more, and their message is very simple: If you can't help, don't hurt. They say they've already endured enough pain. 

"I just want them to stop taking signs out, period," said Dequante Hobbs Sr., the victim's father.

"I just feel like my whole heart has been ripped out of my body," Norment said.

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