LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man has been arrested for his alleged role in robbing a business.

According to an arrest report, it started on Thursday, June 15, at the A&A Smoker's Outlet at 5909 Terry Road, near Lower Hunters Trace, when 18-year-old Dajour Cameron and an accomplice stole a man's car.

Police say the next day, they came back to the store and offered to sell the victim his car back for $150.

When the victim refused to pay them, police say they left and returned with more accomplices, and robbed the store at gunpoint. Police say Cameron stood outside the store and acted as a lookout while a masked accomplice held the store up at gunpoint. 

Police say they demanded and received business cash, before fleeing to a nearby vehicle.

Cameron was arrested Tuesday morning. He's charged with first-degree robbery and theft by unlawful taking of an automobile.

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